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Anyone who stumbles upon this, 

what are your thoughts on cutters? many say shone them ,they do it for attention, others say dont care about them, and not many say bring them in. 

what is your response?? 

I curious to know! just saying… because well to be honest i was a cutter and yet I may be happy some times and crazy and funny. I laugh I cry and I have emotions… Just a way of expressing… or is attention seeking… what do you think of it all?? 

Do you know anyone or have personal experiences 

Is it the truth?

I question your words, phrases and promises. I really do wonder if what you say is the truth or a lie? 

Even though I ask, day by day and you tell me that those words mean more than just mere words. Doubt circles my thoughts and hurt enters my heart. 

What if your lieing again? My heart is open to you, my soul feeling vulnerable. 

Though you get infuriated and insulted when I question you, I can’t help but have doubt about what you say to me. 

Belief is not the problem, it’s the trust in what you say. 

I’m sure this is due to, the lies you told earlier, the pain that followed and the drama with it. 

I am scared, because what I say is true, the love I say I feel is true… but is yours? 

Have I scared you away? I do not see this result but still feel it to be a possibility!!! 

Do you really mean you love me?

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